The LABC Institute’s research follows on the heels of three previous studies released by the LABC in partnership with the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation.

Designing an Effective Feed-in Tariff for Greater Los Angeles

The first report examined the potential for a FiT program in Los Angeles County. The report found that a 600-megawatt program that would create more than 11,000 direct and 7,000 indirect local green jobs, meet 3 percent of the city’s energy needs, and produce significant cost savings for businesses and utilities. 

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Bringing Solar Energy to Los Angeles: An Assessment of the Feasibility and Impacts of an In-basin Solar Feed-in Tariff Program

The second study examined the potential of a 600-megawatt FiT program, and found that it would deliver energy less expensively than other renewable sources. The study also endorsed a variety of components for an effective program, including a simple application procedure and a guaranteed connection to the power grid for FiT participants. 

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Implementing Feed-in Tariff Programs: Comparative Analyses and Lessons Learned

The third study examined the design and implementation of FiT programs elsewhere in the world and made recommendations about program administration, application and program rules, contract implementation, and other details. 

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